Here is a list of everything we have worked on. List sorted by HNIN of project leader, then alphabetically.

* GNG (2015, LÕVE) - A simple 2D platformer game, intended to be a SSBB type game with plamforming elements, co-op and online multiplayer. Status: Abandoned

* Hxoxxor (2013, 3D RAD) - A interplanetary racing game with a choice of 4 vehicles all with special weapons to knock out enemies and opponent drivers. Status: Abandoned

* Moontest (2015, Irrlicht) - A gamemode for the free game Minetest which allows you to live on the Moon! Status: Abandoned (sort of)

* Project Crimson (2017, Cardboard) - A FPS game unlike any other! In-jokes, easter eggs, memes, crazy guns and anime girls await you in Project Crimson! Status: Under Development

**Yellowberry (Zsolt) - HNIN 0x01**

**1ncompetence (James) - HNIN 0x02** *nothing here yet*

**spazyjosh (Joshua)- HNIN 0x03** *nothing here yet*

**pokemon5475 (Logan) - HNIN 0x04** *nothing here yet*