The Game

Carmine Impact is a game about moving fast and shooting things. How fast? How many things? Who knows. What we do know is that we're pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

It combines the retro feel of games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, with cute anime girls, and the pace of which we've never seen before in any other game.


Zoom around maps at break-neck speeds, taking twists and turns as they come. (Note: prolonged periods of going fast may transfer desire into the real world)


Become like an eagle, confuse your enemy, and land those crazy jumps, with our revolutionary air movement system
(who hasn't heard of rocket jumping these days?)


Experience the satisfaction of hitting a small, fast-moving target from really far away, time and time again. Or just mow them down with your melee, to their utter humiliation.

Easy to play, Hard to master

Are games simply just too easy for you these days? Do you crave a good challenge? Or do you just want to play a game and chill out with your friends? Carmine is good for both of those things! It's simple controls and fluid movement are a breeze to pick up, and with some practice, you'll be schooling all the kids on the block.

Fun multiplayer action

Who wants to play a multiplayer game that isn't fun in multiplayer? Nobody! That's why we've made sure that you have the greatest experience you can while playing our game. Servers are community hosted, just like ye olde retro games of the past, so get together some friends, dust off that old computer you've had in your closet for 15 years, and host a server! This bullet point becomes less and less coherent as I write.

In-game, cooperative map editing

Have you ever played a game and wished "Man, I wish they had a map like [insert other game map name here] in [insert game name here]", because we sure have! If there's a map you want to create, there's probably a way to make it happen. And to make it better, you can create maps right from inside the game! Just drop in and start building. Or join a multiplayer server, and build with your friends in real time!


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Stay in touch

Want to stay up to date with how the game is going and what we are doing? Follow us on social media, and join our Discord server!